Photo Sessions at Cat Shows

When we are set up a cat show.....we charge by each subject...and how many photos we take during the course of the session.  A single photo session may involve bringing a cat back a number of times in order to aclimate the cat to the situation and get the best photos.  I have had cats up as many as 12 times over the course of a weekend in order to complete a single session of photos.
The fee for a digital only Basic session is US$60.00 per session  If I take only a few shots and the cat is not working....pricing would be less and offered a lower fee to the owner to reflect that.  Decision as to price would be at the time, and not required by the owner to accept if they did not want to get the photos.the maximum fee is still only US$60.00. 

Below are four (4) different variations on our show sessions based upon a 12 shot session.  We ask you to decide at the show after you have seen the photos on the back of my camera, which of these four sessions you want initially. Though you can upgrade any session to the next larger size later on for a US$60 fee paid later on via the internet.

Digital ONLY Sessions:
(A)  photos, emailed digital web files 650 x433 pixels...US$60.00. Sent via email or custom web site.
(B)  as above but with files 2048x1365 pixels supplied on custom web site for downloading.  US$113.00.

(C)  as above but with files 3600x2400 pixels supplied on custom web site for downloading. US$166.00.

(D)  as above but with files uncropped full camera resolution
5184x3186 pixels on custom web site.  US$228.00.

Sessions plus 4x6 inch Prints:  

any of the sessions above if you want prints mailed via post, add US$10 per session for USA addresses, or US$15 per session for foreign addresses.

Session plus CD or SD card via post: 

add US$5 for a CD or SD card mailed via post for US addresses, or (US$10 for foreign addresses if you do not also order prints to be mailed at the same time.)

Foreign pricing in local currency will be determined at the time of the show depending upon the current bank rates plus a charge for conversion costs.

Obviously with moving subjects...and cats to boot....not every shot will be a "keeper". Usually we expect a return of at least 50% when we shoot.....or I may not take photos at all...and under those circumstances we don't charge anything. I have a saying the harder I work the less I often the hardest subjects may involve the most time...and the fewest actual photos taken...

We don't normally reserve times for the owners are often running between rings, and cannot predict accurately when they will be available....nor can we say how long any particular cat will take. Usually if you get a ring call...we write down your cat's number...and you come back later as time allows to finish the session. We find that often repeat visits to the studio at the show will make the animals more relaxed anyway...and often that results in better images...