Personal Digital File Use

Internet/Electronic Imaging

We currently allow use of our images for personal home page use ONLY at 650x433 pixels in size, and 72 DPI resolution. Copyright line is required when and if these images are posted on the internet, or emailed to others. Usually the signature on the images when we give them to you will meet this requirement, but if you should crop the signature out, or erase it, it will be your responsability to make sure the credit is re-attached to the image so ownership is clear before any published uses are made. This protects not only us, but you. If someone else starts to use the photo on their web site and makes representations that they own the cat, and you want them to stop using the photo of your is important that ownership of the image was made clear, and copyright was claimed in all prior published usages.

Requested 650x433 pixel files scanned from film archives are priced at $15 per image.

If you want digital files larger than the 650x433 pixel ones we supply with the session, to make your own prints at home, we do offer to license larger sized files to the owners at the following rates:

Black and White or Color files purchased individually-- same prices:

Up to ¼ page in Color or B/W-------$40.00  4x6 inches (all at 300 DPI)    
1365x2048 pixels

From ¼ page to ½ page in Color ----$60.00  up to 5.5x8.5 inches          
1650x2550 pixels

From ½ page to a full page bleed in Color....$80.00  up to 8.5x11 inches                 2625 x 3375 pixels

Larger than full page up to 11x14 inches------$120.00  up to 11x14 inches                     3300 x 4200 pixels

For those who insist that they want to make their own large prints, and want the files "full size" or larger than 3300x4200 pixels, because of the loss of future business when we lose control over an original image...the fee per image is US$250.00 .

We have recenlty implemented the option of getting all the files from a session for a fee of US$60 additional per session fee for all files to be supplied at 2048x1365 pixels, or US$120 additional per session fee for all files from the original session 2400 X3600 pixels.  This would be less than or equal to the individual file fees quoted above in all cases where you purchased more than one image from the same session.   See show session page for details full details on higher resolution photo sessions.

Many 'free' web site providers, and some software makers, and internet 'print making companies' have clauses in their terms of usage that might grant to them unlimited rights to use any photos you might post using their services. This is usually in the fine print about the usage of their service(s). As the owners of the photos that we make and the copyright claimants to those photos, we do NOT want you to post any of our photos on any site that makes any such condition that would in anyway dilute our exclusive ownership to our images.

We sell and license our images to commercial firms, and if the rights to use or market our photos is granted to another enterprise, this would dilute our capacity to earn income from our work. Should an owner post our photos on such a site, and should we be required to take legal action against that firm/site that used our photos based upon an agreement that our client had entered into with them, it is likely that the firm being sued by us, would end up suing the client who had allowed them to use our photos by agreeing to their business terms and using their 'free' services.

Licensing a file from us for your personal usage in no way conveys any ownership rights to the image to you.  Our exclusive offer is for you to make prints for your personal usage.