With digital photography has come the power to make changes to photos that can often rescue an image from being a "loser" and make it a "winner".  Changing the angle of a head, or transplanting one from another pose.... adding a tip of a tail when it was cut off in the photo.....opening eyes when an animal blinks, or is holding an eye at half mast.    I have done all these things in the past two years.  

Retouching charges depend on how long a task takes....officially .... $60 per hour....and I really don't kow how long it will take until after I have done an a rule of thumb...  eye color enhancement 5 minutes or less....  so $5 per image per size requested...if you request the largest size first, not charge for smaller images, but if you request a smaller image first, I will have to repeat the retouch at a larger size later...and additional fees for that would be required on that second rework of the same image.

Some samples are below....with an estimate of how long each image took...or cost to have done....but another similar image might be more or less ....again until I tackle a job, I don't know for sure if it will be easy or very hard....often what looks hard turns out to be easier than what appears at first easy to do...


build a cat....adding side hair to make an image more square than it was taken....$20 on this one.

Original Images
Retouched Images
add tail from another photo where it looks like it will fit OK $5.00
combine multiple cats in a single image from other shots...$30-$60
Groom and fix hair , top line, eye opening etc.  $5--$15
replace head...if one exists that will fit OK.....  $5--$10
replace foot or ear with another if needed and available $5--$15
head replacement from another pose (if available)  $5-$15
hand removal from a photo...if behind the cat...$5 if infront of cat $15 or so if possible at all....
this image would have been $10--$15, hair groom, background cleanup
hand removal...sometimes easy ...other times not...this was a lucky one probably about $5 jumped out of frame....head replacement from another this case $5.00
people retouching....$5 per tell me when to stop.....the results here from an auto retouch program
eye fix...if possible...usually about $5 per eye
another eye fix.....