Digital Files for Publishing

Ads --In color, while we have supplied print photos in the past for technology makes digital files the best current type of submission for four color press work (any magazine or book printing). Lower quality will generally result if you use a print for most publishing applications. We are currently charging a discounted flat fee to prepare and email files directly to the publishers for this type of use. We do not supply these digital files at these sizes to the owners at these prices, as we are still in the business of selling photographic prints for personal use and we lose print sales when we sell hi res files to the owner....the normal fee for these files is about 3X what we are offering here for publishing usage.......see "Personal Digital link to the right for pricing on supplying these sized files to the owners.

Black and White or Color files same prices--this is discounted pricing for supplying the photos to the publisher ONLY.....similar files supplied to the owner are ~3X these prices.

Up to ¼ page in Color (2048x1365 pixels~4.4x6.5 inches at 300DPI)---$17.00

From ¼ page to ½ page in Color(5.5x8.5 inches at 300 DPI)------------$25.00

From ½ page to a full page bleed in Color (8.5x11 inches at 300 DPI)---$35.00

Larger than full page up to 11x14 inches-(or a double page spread)------$60.00

We also do page layouts and collages for ads,  Usually, the fee to supply a single page camera ready yearbook ad with 2--6 images will cost about $20-$50 more than the fee to supply the same images individually.

We do not charge postage and handling on images that we transmit electronically to publishers, presenters and regional booklet award packagers.......usually a single $17 charge will suffice for Nat, Regional, program, booklets,even yearbook if it is the same pose.....if we have to send a CD for any usage, postage and handling will apply...add $5.00 domestically, and the CD must be returned after usage.

Any images supplied digitally should be supplied at least the size they are to be reproduced. We will need that size information from you when you place the order in inches X inches.
In most cases unless we are told otherwise, images supplied to publishers will be submitted in sRGB (color space), at 300dpi at the size requested. If you need bleed room please specify, often this means about 1/8--1/4 inch border larger than the finished size of the advertisement. Files if they are to be sent via FTP will normally be supplied in 24 bit color as TIF or PSD files if requested. If emailed  due to email size restrictions, they will be sent as 12 Quality JPG files out of Photoshop. They can be supplied at 24 or 48 bit only when sent as PSD or TIF format(48 bit is not available in JPG format), different color spaces can be provided if requested such as AdobeRGB, ProRGB, etc.. CMYK..while not recomended is also possible.if needed.


Many 'free' web site providers, and some software makers, and internet 'print making companies' have clauses in their terms of usage that might grant to them unlimited rights to use any photos you might post using their services. This is usually in the fine print about the usage of their service(s). As the owners of the photos that we make and the copyright claimants to those photos, we do NOT want you to post any of our photos on any site that makes any such condition that would in anyway dilute our exclusive ownership to our images.

We sell and license our images to commercial firms, and if the rights to use or market our photos is granted to another enterprise, this would dilute our capacity to earn income from our work. Should an owner post our photos on such a site, and should we be required to take legal action against that firm/site that used those photos based upon an agreement that our client had entered into with them, it is likely that the firm being sued by us, would end up suing the client who had allowed them to use our photos by agreeing to their business terms and using their 'free' services.